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The advantages of Intranets to companies with 3 or more staff

Over the past year, no area has undergone more rapid transformation than the way we work and shop. As the world recovers, there’s no going back. Today, more than ever an effective digital presence is vital for every company no matter what the business model.

author Liam McMullen
Updated March 23, 2021
The advantages of Intranets to companies with 3 or more staff

No matter what business you’re in, success is now fuelled by data and built on creating an authentic digital workplace.

One of the most exciting things about this technological revolution is that you don’t need deep pockets to get involved. You can develop your digital workplace by installing the best intranet system for your venture, which can mean a one-off-cost to make business growth more assured.

What’s meant by a digital workplace?

Pre-COVID, reliance on remote workers was already increasingly fast. Post-pandemic, most enterprises have at least some of their employees based at home. It creates important economies in running costs and is often the work pattern of choice for new recruits.

To make this successful, you need a streamlined digital workplace.

Your intranet software becomes the basis of your business communication and collaboration. It integrates all your business activities and devices. You use it to collate, share, use and analyse data in real-time, anywhere in the world.

As the business owner, your intranet system gives you transparency and control over your entire operations, no matter how scattered your workforce is. As long as you have the right intranet.

Advantages of customised intranet

Intranet Application

There’s a seriously outdated view of intranet software. It’s no longer ‘just a way for managers to store and share onboarding, compliance and operational documents. Nor is it simply an online coaching and learning portal.

It’s actually all that and more! If you install intranet software that matches your business goals, you have the principle tool needed to improve your productivity and cost efficiencies.

When used as an authentic digital workplace, your intranet enables remote working, mobile and HQ-based staff to share data easily and instantly. Communication and collaboration are properly supported, but so are problem-solving and innovation.

The control you achieve over your data will help you to constantly find and action ideas for doing things faster, better, cheaper and with less waste. However, engaging your staff via your intranet also ensures they will be a constant source of ideas for efficiencies and improvements too.

Your intranet will also replicate some of the social elements that your team needs to be a cohesive and united force. If you add secure corporate social media to your intranet, it combats any of the potential mental health issues involved in home working and gives you a platform to recognise, reward and incentivise teams.

First step to sourcing branded intranet software

You need expandable intranet software that matches your current business needs but also supports your ambitions. This creates a scalable digital workplace that grows with you.

You also need a well-configured intranet to achieve the sort of data management that progresses your business development plans.

The first step to achieving this and unlocking improved business control, productivity, cost efficiency and teamworking, is easy.

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